Classic Cubes from Milestone Cube Company


One side laser engraved message included.

What is a Cube?

It is handmade from solid Maple and is 2.5” square. It is the beginning of a wonderful journey.

It takes time as we meet with the giver and come up with a specific design that is then engraved into the wood and will be treasured forever. We can incorporate a variety of material into the Cube design.

There is no question that when it comes to purchasing a gift for a special occasion there are easier alternatives.

Flowers, candy and Amazon are much easier.

It takes some time and a bit of clandestine work on our customers’ part to have us design and make a Cube. Most of our Cubes are surprise gifts.

This is what makes them so special and will last a lifetime and beyond.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy

How do I get started?

Getting started on something so special is easier than you think. Let Phillip our designer walk you through the process on commissioning a Cube.


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