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SWAG at Advantage Awards and Engraving

At Advantage Awards and Engraving, we are focusing on SWAG, or promotional items. We can produce smaller minimums for our customers. The on-line companies require 300-500 of each item. We can make 25, 50, or 75 and customize them quickly. I can buy smaller quantities, or smaller groupings (types of SWAG - I can buy 300 USB Drives, but get to choose types from that 300 - 50 wood cased, 50 key shaped, 75 swivel, etc.) and print as needed. For the customer, that means he can buy for events, for instance. Going to a trade show or a company, we can make that item specific for that event.

What can we make in the SWAG market?  Plastic and acrylic Tumblers and Water Bottles, lighters, USB Drives, pens, plastic bags, lapel pins, sporting goods (hockey pucks, balls), key chains, LED acrylic signs (from desk size to huge!), custom awards, and so much more.  With our stuff, we can invent what you need.  Check our gallery.

We are going to have to be more aggressive in marketing to pay back our backers.  Asking for Reviews and word of mouth.  We hope you will help us find our niche!

Steven Wampler, Owner

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